Our demands

We demand a transparent and fair procedure of visa issuance

  • Satisfiability: The authority’s requirements have to be comprehensible and attainable for everybody. A plausible explanation must be given in case of a rejection. Constraints like the proof of employment, private property, social and familial-based roots in the home country, a written invitation and a declaration of commitment cause a non-acceptable exclusion.

  • Foundation of trust: In order to stop the common prejudgemental procedure, trust should be placed in all statements of the applicant. Instead of the applicant, the responsible embassy has to argument a rejection with verified reasons.

  • Limitation of the discretionary power: Due to the vast discretionary power of German embassies regarding the assessment of the intent to return and other criteria, the true condition of the applicant is not examined sufficiently. This leads to immense differences in rejection rates of visa applications with similar conditions from one embassy to another. We therefore demand that the discretionary power of embassies will be limited.

  • Submission of the applications: In order to divert unnecessary travel expenses, applications should be accepted if sent with postal delivery or brought by an authorized representative.

  • Processing status: Applicants get to be informed about the processing status of their application at any time. In the case of rejection, the applicant is to be informed immediately. A detailed and comprehensible justification should be attached to the rejection letter.

  • Reachability: The applicant should have a reachable contact person, who is also able to give information about the current processing status.

  • Time frame: The time frame of the visa issuance (from application to issuance) has to be regulated distinctly. The delay of the process is intolerable for everyone involved. It leads to planning uncertainties for all involved actors concerning the stay in Germany and further developments after returning to the home country.

We demand that the criteria “intent to return” as a requirement for the issuance of a national visa is abolished…

…since it can neither be proven nor disproven comprehensively. In addition to that, the allegedly “insufficient intent to return” can not be seen as a threat to the “interests of the Federal Republic of Germany” as described in the §5 of the German Residence Act. The current method is therefore not justifiable.

  • Determination: It is not possible to unequivocally determinate an “insufficient intent to return” hence it is a blunt allegation toward the applicant. Reasons based on assumption must not be ground for the rejection of a visa application.

  • Principle of equal footing: We want to enable an intercultural exchange in all directions and dismantle the hurdles for people who are willing to get to know Germany and are keen on making new experiences here. Intercultural exchange and learning experiences such as international volunteer programs sponsored by the government are in the best interest of the Federal Republic of Germany. We want to have a positive welcoming atmosphere in Germany and do not want to exclude and reject people due to their heritage or because of prejudices we created ourselves.