The everyday scandal

VerzweiflungPeople with a German passport are able to travel to nearly every single country in the world. But who is allowed to come to Germany the other way around? Most people are denied this possibility.

For them a visa obligation is common and already the application for a German visa is not possible for many people due to many requirements of the embassy. But even if the applicants fulfill all criteria – for example the proven financial savings, the invitation letter etc. – the “intent to return” still has to be proven. A person’s “intent to return” cannot be proven by objective criteria. Therefore, the assessment and decision is made by the embassy. An applicant’s insufficient “intent to return” can simply be assumed. Visa applications from people coming from the Global South are rejected above average and mostly on the grounds of the insufficient “intent to return”. Hereby, the visa allocation is used as a way of racist and power-motivated exclusion of people who want to come to Germany for professional or private reasons. The visa allocation manifests the power and privileges of the Global North.

We as the campaign group belong to the small group of privileged people who can travel around nearly the whole wide world. We make a profit from the global power conditions, which are constructed by White people. Due to these power conditions the majority of the world is suppressed. The restriction of freedom to move is one part of this suppression.